DDAL CCCROZK01-01 Binder's Torment Part 1

Start Time: Saturday 9:30 AM
Location:Clark 03
Coordinator(s): Davena Oaks
Game System:D&D 5th Edition
Duration:4 hours
Player Max:7
Signed up:8
Track(s):Adventurers League
Event Type:Game
Experience Level:Familiar
Age group:All Ages

TIER 3 - While attending the first annual Reclamation Day Festival in Phlan, a mysterious book is given to the adventurers, leading them to what appears to be an abandoned print shop west of the city. There they meet a would-be benefactor, who seeks their help in ridding the southern ruins of Zhentil Keep of a growing threat, the Ebon Tide, a group of mercenaries and bandits that are quickly becoming the scourge of the Moonsea.
For characters level 11-16

Binder’s Torment premiered at Origins in June 2017 and Druids & Dragons in July 2017. It is the first part of the Necromancer of Zhentil Keep trilogy.