GL: Tres Amigos

Start Time: Friday 2:00 PM
Location:Grand Ballroom 80
Coordinator(s): KC Humphrey
Duration:1 hour
Player Max:5
Signed up:1
Track(s):Game Lab
Event Type:Play Test
Experience Level:Beginner
Age group:All Ages

This is a trick taking game with trump similar to Euchre, but without required partners. Make the best of the cards you're dealt over several hands. Cleverness and bluffing are helpful!

Like the movie, in Tres Amigos you play either La Modista (the seamstress), helping protect your town. Or you play El Guapo, the bad guy trying to escape without being caught. Or be a townsperson, where you can be rewarded just for helping.

KC Humphrey is the lead designer for Sunriver Games in Vancouver WA. He is a frequent contributor to GameStorm and, with amazing staff, created Game Lab ten years ago this year.