GL: Potlatch

Start Time: Thursday 5:00 PM
Location:Grand Ballroom 83
Game Master(s): KC Humphrey
Coordinator(s): KC Humphrey
Duration:1 hour
Player Max:5
Signed up:5
Track(s):Game Lab
Event Type:Play Test
Experience Level:Beginner
Age group:All Ages

Potlatch is a family-friendly game of building teepees near the others in your tribe, or building lodges for the elders, or surrounding the small lake where the Potlatch celebration will be.

Nice teepee models, unique grid system, colorful dice, plenty of fun. Plays 2-5 people, best with 3 or 4. About 45 minutes.


KC Humphrey is the lead designer for Sunriver Games in Vancouver WA. He is a frequent contributor to GameStorm and, with amazing staff, created Game Lab ten years ago this year.