GL: Swarm Call

Start Time: Friday 4:00 PM
Location:Grand Ballroom 82
Game Master(s): Jim Fanjoy
Coordinator(s): KC Humphrey
Duration:2 hours
Player Max:4
Signed up:1
Track(s):Game Lab
Event Type:Play Test
Experience Level:Beginner
Age group:All Ages

Welcome to Swarm Call, the game where you are the beekeeper. Here, you will be challenged to care for your bees, using your wits and resources to help them overcome the various dangers that predators, the weather, and mankind will put in their way.

Grow your colonies and establish new hives in productive apiaries, while managing their strength to prevent swarming. Cooperate with other beekeepers for the mutual benefit of all the bees.

The bees will reward a successful beekeeper with sweet, golden honey. This game is for two to four players.