DDAL CCC-BMG-13 PHLAN 1-1 Sepulture

Start Time: Sunday 12:00 PM
Location:Clark 08
Coordinator(s): Davena Oaks, Jared Oaks
Game System:D&D 5th Edition
Duration:4 hours
Player Max:7
Signed up:16
Track(s):Adventurers League, Organized RPG Campaigns
Event Type:Game
Experience Level:Familiar
Age group:All Ages

TIER 3 - Spirits in Phlan are high in the wake of Vorgansharax’s defeat. Reconstruction plans are finally in motion, yet one threat looms. The Doomguide of Kelemvor has descended into the shadows of the necropolis and gathers dark forces around him. There is little he won’t anticipate. One should have their affairs in order before accepting this mission. A four-hour adventure for 11th-16th level characters
For Characters Levels 11-16.