Stand-Up for Geeks: Dum-Dums & Dragons/ Stand-Up Comedy & Group Improv RPG Game

Start Time: Saturday 9:00 PM
Location:Suite 116 A
Game Master(s): Tristian Spillman, Shane Hosea
Duration:2 hours
Player Max:40
Signed up:0
Track(s):Creation Station
Event Type:Special Event
Experience Level:Beginner
Age group:Over 18

Professional stand-up comics perform, and play Dum-Dums & Dragons a comedy based group telling RPG by Shane Hosea. This is in Creation Station, but not all-ages; R-rated. language may be for 14+ (under 18 please be accompanied by a responsible adult). Will be filmed for cable-access. Tristian Spillman, MC Shane Hosea, DM Panelists: Dylan Jones, Carolyn Main, Robert Gresham.

Panelist bios:
Shane Hosea is an amateur game designer, podcaster and lapsed comedian from Portland, Or. He has been developing the quick-start RPG "Dumdums and Dragons" since 2015. You can check out his podcast The Hosea Hustle, which is part of the River City Podcast Federation.

Tristian Spillman has worked as a professional stand-up comedian for the last ten years. A northwest staple, Tristian has appeared at Bridgetown Comedy Festival 3 times and founded Comedy Night @The Bagdad, the longest weekly stand-up showcase in Portland, lasting for nearly 8 years. Between that, Kiggins Theatre, and his new show Stand Up for Geeks Tristian has hosted over 600 shows.

Carolyn Main is a cartoonist and comedian actually from Portland. She made the illustrated card game Pitch, Please! That is also a live game show, and podcast, as well as her other podcast, A Very Special Episode.

Dylan Jones is a stand up comedian born in Utah. He moved to Portland in 2015 and has been delivering his silly brand of comedy ever since. Dylan's energetic style will get your heart pounding and your sides splitting. He has been featured on shows like You're Welcome, Control Yourself, and The Todd Glass Show.

Comedian Robert Gresham is the publisher, developer, and lead designer for the Shattered Skies® Campaign Setting™, and host of the YouTube show, "Hot Steaks and Hotter Takes with Robert Gresham". He lives in Portland Oregon with his girlfriend, three children, and his cat the “A-bomb-able” Yeti.