DCC: Inn at Five Points

Start Time: Friday 2:00 PM
Location:Overton 11
Game Master(s): Brendan LaSalle
Game System:Dungeon Crawl Classics
Duration:4 hours
Player Max:7
Signed up:5
Track(s):Role Playing (RPG)
Event Type:Game
Experience Level:Beginner
Age group:Over 10 - Parental supervision not required

You're no hero. You're an adventurer; a reaver, a cutpurse, a heathen-slayer, a tight-lipped warlock guarding long dead secrets. You seek gold and glory, winning it with sword and spell. caked in the blood and filth of the weak, the dark, the demons, and the vanquished. There are treasures to be won deep underneath, and you shall have them . . .
After a rough convention full of strife, travail, and stress, why not relax at the Inn at Five Points? Have a bowl of Hunter's stew, a cold ale, and a loaf of Quendy's famous rosemary bread. What have you got to worry about? Everything is going to be just fine. Just . . . fine . . . .