Torchwood Seattle Session 1

Start Time: Thursday 7:00 PM
Location:Pettygrove 05
Game Master(s): Rick Hamell
Game System:D20 Modern
Duration:6 hours
Player Max:8
Signed up:4
Track(s):Role Playing (RPG)
Event Type:Game
Experience Level:Beginner
Age group:Over 18

Captain Jack Harkness, facing greatly increased Rift activity around the world, has opened a number of new offices at these epicenters to contain the threat of aliens and their technology. One of these locations is Seattle.

The USS Fife, an anti-submarine Destroyer, was sunk in a live fire exercise in 2004. It has recently been sighted in Puget Sound and actively firing upon submarines from Naval Base Kitsap.

Historic Forts are mysteriously built overnight, and soldiers in uniforms from the US Civil War to modern versions have been sighted patrolling these forts. A WWII PB4Y Bomber appeared out of nowhere and crashed into Lake Washington. Most chilling, Nazi symbols have been sighted all over the city, burned into surfaces.

RPG setting is based on the Torchwood TV Show set in the Dr. Who universe. Knowledge of the show(s) is not needed, but helpful.

Characters are pre-generated D20 Modern characters.