Supers! Revised Edition RPG

Start Time: Thursday 4:30 PM
Location:Overton 06
Game Master(s): Jeremy Clifford
Game System:Supers! Revised Edition RPG
Duration:3 hours
Player Max:5
Signed up:0
Track(s):Role Playing (RPG)
Event Type:Game
Experience Level:Beginner
Age group:All Ages

Supers! is a game all about playing costumed heroes- the kinds of hero you see in good old-fashioned comic books. These heroes are larger than-life; they have high ideals and they know right from wrong. Their world is black-and-white; they are good and the villains are bad. There are no real grey areas. Their cause is justice, liberty and freedom. They seek to protect the weak and defend the common man. Most are loved by all; some are misunderstood and don’t get the adoration they feel they deserve. But regardless, they strive to do the right thing and aim to make a difference. - TBD