Maximum Apocalypse RPG Playtest

Start Time: Friday 9:00 AM
Location:East Wing 1
Game Master(s): R. Scott Uhls
Game System:Custom
Duration:4 hours
Player Max:6
Signed up:2
Track(s):Indie Hurricane (Indie RPG)
Event Type:Play Test
Experience Level:Beginner
Age group:Over 12

ALL the possible doomsday scenarios happened and the characters are the survivors. Time has passed since the incidents- while there are still resources to plunder, there is very little memory of the "world that was" before everything fell apart. There are 4 primarily combat oriented character archetypes, 3 primarily supportive/crafty archetypes, and 1 primarily social archetype, making the party structure dynamic. The enemies include: Aliens, Bandit raiders, Killer Robots, Mutants (animals and humans), Zombies, and Giant Behemoths.

Developed in response to Rock Manor Games’ boardgame of the same name, Maximum Apocalypse is still in development and NEEDS playtesters. Players will be granted a series of pre-generated character options and thrown into a scenario that will require teamwork, cunning, and probably more than a few grenades.