Assassins Check-in 6

Start Time: Saturday 2:00 PM
Location:Crown Zellerbach
Game Master(s): Ash Butler
Game System:Assassins
Duration:1/2 hour
Player Max:50
Signed up:0
Track(s):Live Action Role Playing (LARP)
Event Type:Special Event
Experience Level:Beginner
Age group:Over 12

A weekend-long game of intrigue, exploration, and murder.

Check in with the Master Assassin (a woman codenamed Bunny) who will get you into the ranks of this year's Guild of Assassins and test your mettle in this training game. She gives you (along with all the other new recruits) identity images, the identifying images of others as targets, and a sheet of missions to complete over the course of the convention. She also gives you tools of the trade - some sticky notes to write your methods of killing people on.

There are regular check-ins throughout the weekend to get new identities and new targets, turn in kills, get more info on missions, gain access to puzzles, and more! The game starts Thursday afternoon but you are always welcome to join/continue at a different check-in if you miss one. Things are a little different on Sunday being that there is a check-in in the morning. But at noon on Sunday is when we start collecting everything back from Assassins as they come by so we can tally things by 3 pm.

On the last day of the convention, around 3 pm, there is a ceremony for announcing the best assassins in several categories and they are awarded prizes. It is, also, when there is an open forum for discussing Assassins with its coordinators if you want to chat, ask questions/give feedback, or make suggestions for 2019.