Century: Spice Road

Start Time: Sunday 11:00 AM
Location:Hayden 05
Game Master(s): Derek Duff
Game System:Deck/Pool Building
Duration:1 hour
Player Max:5
Signed up:8
Track(s):Board Games
Event Type:Game
Experience Level:Beginner
Age group:All Ages

Century: Spice Road is the first in a series of games that explores the history of each century with spice-trading as the theme for the first installment. In Century: Spice Road, players are caravan leaders who travel the famed silk road to deliver spices to the far reaches of the continent for fame and glory.

Mechanisms: Card Drafting, Deck / Pool Building, Hand Management, Set Collection

Complexity: Medium/Light
Ages: 8+
Playing Time: 30-45 Min
Players: 2-5

Year Published: 2017
Publisher: Plan B Games
Designer: Emerson Matsuuchi