A Gamer's "Sitting" Exercise Class

Game Master(s): Nathan Monger
Duration:1/2 hour
Player Max:20
Signed up:0
Track(s):Live Action Role Playing (LARP)
Event Type:Other
Experience Level:Beginner
Age group:All Ages

A Gamer’s Sitting Exercises (to do while waiting for your next turn) modified from Tia Chi sitting exercises by Dr. Paul Lam.

Goal = “To gently do a complete body stretch/exercise at a gaming table.”
The trick to getting a workout without weights is by providing your own resistance (like when a mime pushes against an invisible wall), but don’t overdo it, none of these exercises should hurt. And only attempt to do those exercises that you have room for…

1. Deep Breaths (tongue on the roof of your mouth & breath through your nose)
With Hand movements – (repeat 3x)
• Slowly pull palms in (provide resistance) at chest height while you slowly inhale
• Slowly push palms out (provide resistance) at chest height while you slowly exhale.

2. Head/hand Turn – put hand in front of face with thumb toward nose and turn your head as your hand moves without moving your shoulders.
• Move your hand out (provide resistance) as you follow it with your nose
• Switch hands (repeat 6x)

3. Roll your shoulders: Forward (3x) and Backward (3x)

4. Spine Stretch –
• Slowly push up with one hand and push down with the other (provide resistance)
• Switch hands (repeat 6x)

5. Spine Turn –
• Hold your hands together at chest level, move them from knee to knee, by moving from your back not from your shoulders/arms. (provide resistance) (Repeat 6x)

6. Canoe paddle – (do these 3 actions at the same time, Repeating 6x)
• With arms hanging down, paddle with your hands (provide resistance) from your knees to behind your back squeezing your shoulder blades together
• Push down on the floor with one foot
• Lift your other knee
• Switch legs (repeat 6x)

7. Pushing Invisible Walls (do both-of-these actions at the same time)
• Push Invisible Wall on your left/right side with both hands (provide resistance)
• Move opposite knee out
• Repeat 3x on each side

8. Leg/Arm Stretch (repeat 3x each side) but be careful not to kick anyone on the other side of the table.

9. Foot Exercise/Stretch –
• Tap each foot from heel to toe (Repeat 3x)
• Turn foot on the inside then the outside (Repeat 3x)

10. Stomp the floor and pound your thighs with your fists for a minute.

11. Tense all muscles for 10 seconds and then release. (Repeat 3x)

12. Repeat the ‘Breathing’ exercise to close…