GL: Eridu

Start Time: Thursday 8:00 PM
Location:Grand Ballroom 79
Game Master(s): Mohamad Ali
Coordinator(s): KC Humphrey
Duration:2 hours
Player Max:4
Signed up:2
Track(s):Game Lab
Event Type:Demo
Experience Level:Beginner
Age group:All Ages

Welcome to the cradle of civilization!
You are a merchant leading a traveling caravan through various bustling cities. As you travel, you build your reputation through crafting deals, hiring raiders, completing pilgrimages to holy sites, and influencing local leaders. At the end of three rounds, the caravan with the best reputation lives on as local legend.
In each of the three rounds player take actions by stringing together four dice, one each turn. Careful planning allows players to maximize their actions, become better at each role, and compete effectively in several contests.
Players each have unique bonus boards to help shape their special abilities.