Pax Porfiriana Collector's Edition

Start Time: Thursday 3:30 PM
Location:Grand Ballroom 16
Game Master(s): Joe Waller
Game System:Strategic Card Game, Tableau building
Duration:3 hours
Player Max:4
Signed up:3
Track(s):Board Games
Event Type:Game
Experience Level:Beginner
Age group:All Ages

I welcome players of all experiences with this game. Those who know Phil Eklund and Sierra Madre Games will know the rules and gameplay can be complex, so I don't recommend signing up for this if you are new to gaming. That said, I welcome anyone with all experiences with this game to come play. I know the rules, but haven't played enough to know deep strategy yet. Don't come to this expecting fierce competition and mastery of the game, come expecting to have a good time!

From BGG:
Pax Porfiriana – Latin for "The Porfirian Peace" – refers to the 33-year reign of dictator Porfirio Díaz, who ruled Mexico with an iron hand until toppled by the 1910 Revolution.

As a rich businessman (Hacendado) in the turbulent pre-revolutionary borderlands of the U.S. and Mexico, players compete to build business empires of ranches, mines, rails, troops, and banks while subverting opponents with bandidos, Indians, and lawsuits.